It’s a suburban residential complex of four towers. Each apartment having a three side open facade, for light ventilation and view. There is a club in the first tower with double height lobby. The facade and styling is very contemporary and unconventional. Indo-Canadian investors as well as NRI buyers shaped the project requirements.

It’s a come-back home for a London based banker couple. Initially getting influenced from the English style, to which they are used to right now, we moved towards a more minimalist approach. The colors are to be very subtle and easy to the eye.


Their ancestral single storied house had a lot of emotions attached to it, so without taking it down, we planned a nice bungalow for them with some additional features going well with the existing ones like the portico. The contrast in the material palette keeps the keen eyes on it, to discover its different twists and turns.


The apartment had to be built in phases by the owner who didn’t have plans to sell it off commercially, so the design had to be simple, yet repeatable vertically. It would be commercial/ retail on the ground floor and service apartments and studio as well as penthouse on the top. It had to break the stereotype of typical look of apartments and stand out as a elegant building in the small neighborhood of this emerging business hub.




The retail magnet’s house had to be first of its kind in this emerging trading hub. The house had to be designed and built in a modular fashion, so that they can keep on adding floors for their expanding joint-family. The materials used on facade are recycled, complementing a simple and lucid design philosophy. We tried to achieve a lot more in so less.


This convent school is the oldest and most reputed convent in the district; it wanted to revamp the look for a contemporary and lighter version of it. The facade is broken down to vertical strips with walls going in and out in a rhythmic pattern. The colors on facade are blending into each other in a gradual way. Even after having so many colors, it would be pleasant and playful to the eye. The users/ kids would enjoy it the most. The small children would have a different prospective for their new school, contrary to a rigid institution.



This new generation salon is located at the most happening place of the town, which once used to be the far off suburb but now crowned as the heart of the city. As one of the fastest growing commercial and educational hub in the country this stretch is the best launching pad for anything new that comes to the market.

After living in exclusive company bungalows with world class designs all over the places, they planned a home to come back to native after retirement. It had to be very contemporary with minimalist design approach. They supported us to a great extent when we moved from a much sought after slopping roof to a more expressive one.



It is a transition for the apartment dweller couples' of two different generations into an independent villa. They are trying to get used to the newly acquired taste of contemporary style in contrast to their usual classic and victorian love.



They say the birds of a feather flock together. A peaceful neighbourhood is ready to welcome its first time home-owners with simple and contemporary houses, where the norm is 'modular'.



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